Why People Smoke Electronic Cigarettes – Five Reasons That Might Surprise You

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have hit the world by storm since they were introduced to us from a developer in China. Many people have kicked the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes by replacing them with the healthier alternative of using liquid nicotine, released as a vapor which you inhale. Although they were first marketed as a different way to use nicotine, many are finding that they are making it easier to quit the habit altogether by slowly cutting back the amount of nicotine until they are essentially only inhaling flavored water. Here are five more reasons to love e-cigs if you are a smoker either trying to quit, or looking to get your nicotine fix in a less harmful way.

  • You Smell Better

Because there are not the hundreds of deadly chemicals burning all around you like you have when you light up a traditional tobacco cigarette, you do not have that smell of smoke sticking to you and all of your surroundings. The vapor from e-cigs does not have a strong smell, and evaporates almost instantly, leaving you smelling like the perfume or cologne you are wearing, and not like a stale, stinky ashtray.

Also, not only do you smell better to others, you can actually start smelling things better yourself. Smoking tobacco cigarettes causes your sense of smell to go haywire, and you lose your sense of smell. Once you quit, you will wonder how you made it through life not smelling the things around you to their fullest.

  • You Will Spend Less Money

Not only are tobacco cigarettes bad for you, they are really expensive too. By switching to an electronic cigarette, you will cut your costs down by more than half.  After the initial purchase of the vaporizer itself, you will start noticing the saving immediately. If you were a heavy smoker, 15-20 smokes a day; you will save $1000 a year by switching to electronic cigarettes. Read more!

  • No Risk Of Fire

Because an electronic cigarette isn’t actually burning, the risk of fire is eliminated. You do not have to worry about dropping it on the sofa, or in your bed and starting a fire.

  • You can Smoke Where You Want

There are a lot of bans in a lot of areas on smoking tobacco products in public places because of second hand smoke. Because electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke, there is no second hand. You are free to smoke them where ever you wish without violating the no smoking laws. You also do not have to worry about using electronic cigarettes inside your home because they will not stain the walls and furniture like a traditional tobacco cigarette.

  • E-cigs are a Healthier Alternative

Although there hasn’t been any studies done, ex tobacco smokers report that after switching to electronic cigarettes they feel a lot healthier. They no longer have that dreaded smokers cough in the morning, and they can exercise and be active without feeling out of breathe. Most people who make the switch also find it a lot easier to quit smoking altogether by slowly lowering their intake of nicotine.

Although electronic cigarettes have not been approved by the FDA, they are becoming popular among smokers who wish to have a healthy alternative, or those who are wishing to quit smoking altogether. Before you begin using e-cigs, it is important to research the chemicals , which is much less than traditional tobacco cigarettes, to ensure that you are not allergic to anything in them, and to make sure they are a right fit for you. Click here for more information: https://www.chron.com/business/retail/article/Juul-considering-opening-e-cigarette-shops-in-13907561.php

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