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Features of the Pod Mods

The e-cigarette is one of the markets that are facing competition from other new products. ¬†Some of these products stick to the market but there are others that do not. Vaporizers and pods are very popular today because they are widely used by many. The good thing with the pod mods and the vaporizers is […]

Why People Smoke Electronic Cigarettes – Five Reasons That Might Surprise You

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have hit the world by storm since they were introduced to us from a developer in China. Many people have kicked the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes by replacing them with the healthier alternative of using liquid nicotine, released as a vapor which you inhale. Although they were first marketed as […]

Stop Smoking: The Easy Way Out for You

Giving up smoking is not easy and while many dismiss e-cig and many other devices, some will embrace them. However, when you have been used to smoking for so long, you can struggle to walk away and that is the biggest problem most people have when it comes to smoking. There are those who find […]