Relx Infinity Ludou Ice-Green Bean E-Juice Pod Review

Ludou Ice-Green Bean is a replacement pod that is designed for use with the Infinity vape pen. this is a unique e-liquid. It gives you the taste of mung bean and mint ice cream. The result is refreshing and exceptionally delicious. The e-juice vapes smoothly. The taste of mung bean is spot-on with the sweet creaminess in the background. If you love Asian bean desserts, this e-juice is recommended for you.

Like any other Relx pod system, the Ludou Ice-Green Bean replacement pod has the Air Boost and Active-Steam Pro design which gives you smooth, flavorful puffs. Each pod contains 1.9ml of e-juice which can give you up to 650 puffs before it runs out. The pod comes with the FEELM Ceramic Maze Coil design. The 11-layer coil does not only give you a clean, leak-free vaping experience but also produces rich flavor.

The Ludou Ice-Green Bean replacement pod comes with two different nicotine levels. You can opt for either 20mg or 50mg of nicotine. ludou relx

Apart from Ludou Ice-Green Bean, there are many other flavors available for the Infinity vape pen such as Sunny Sparkle, Menthol Plus, Dark Sparkle, Fresh Red, Garden’s Heart, Golden Slice, and Tangy Purple. This pod is also compatible with the Relx Essential vape pen.

You can get the Ludou Ice-Green Bean vape pen for only $13 at the Hazetown Vapes online store. This vape shop is one of the best places in Canada to get e-liquids, vaping devices, and accessories at bargain prices. All the products from the company are authentic.

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