OMG So Good E-Liquid by Vape Craft Inc. Review

 premium e-juice brandsOMG So Good by Vape Craft Inc. is a unique vape juice with different layers of flavorful goodness. This vape juice is a combination of custard, vanilla, cheesecake, and brown sugar flavor. These different flavors come together magically to give you a mouthwatering treat. If you have a thing for sweet dessert e-liquids, then OMG So Good is for you. The e-juice tastes authentic. It does not come off as artificial like some other sweet e-liquids on the market. This is the kind of creamy dessert e-juice that you can vape all day long without getting sick of how it tastes. The sweet taste of this vape juice is well-balanced, and it does not get overwhelming on the taste buds.

When vaping OMG So Good by Vape Craft Inc., you get a creamy flavor on the inhale. There is also a strong bourbon flavor in the mix. On the exhale OMG So Good, the cheesecake flavor stands out. OMG So Good also a rich flavor that lingers in your mouth. OMG So Good is one of those e-liquids that you can finish in a short time because it is addictively good.

OMG So Good is manufactured in the United States by Vape Craft Inc. This company makes premium e-juice brands. Vape Craft Inc. creates high-quality e-liquids in an ISO cleanroom using some of the finest food-grade ingredients. Vape Craft Inc. released its first e-liquids in 2013. Since then, this company has been churning out premium e-liquids at low prices. Apart from OMG So Good, Vape Craft Inc. has many other impressive vape liquids on the market.

OMG So Good is made with premium quality nicotine. This Vape Craft Inc. e-liquid comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. This e-juice has a smooth throat hit. It is not harsh on the throat even when you are vaping at a high wattage. I did not experience any throat discomfort when vaping this e-juice. If you want an intense throat hit, you are better off going for the version of this e-juice with 6mg or 12mg of nicotine.

OMG So Good by Vape Craft Inc. has a simple packaging design. The vape juice comes in a plastic bottle that is designed to allow you to refill your atomizer without any difficulties. There is a white label on the bottle with the Vape Craft logo and some basic information about the product. OMG So Good comes with different bottle sizes. You can get this vape juice in a 15ml or 120ml bottle.

OMG So Good by Vape Craft Inc is available at selected vape shops. However, you will get the best price when you buy it from the Vape Craft Inc. official online store. You can get a 120ml bottle of OMG So Good for $12.00 at this shop. The Vape Craft Inc. is easy to navigate. What’s more, this company provides excellent customer service and speedy delivery of orders. When you buy from this store, it only takes a few days for your e-liquids to arrive if you are in the US.

So, what are you waiting for? Order a bottle of this heavenly dessert treat today!

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