How to Cut Down on Nicotine While Vaping

Many people are buying the best e cigbecause they want to stop smoking all together. However, this isn’t always as easy as what people might think. There are people that are trying to stop too fast, and then there are other that are actually increasing their nicotine instead of decreasing it. Here are some tips on how to cut down on nicotine while you are vaping:

Start with the normal strength

The first mistake people make, is to go from their normal strength cigarette, to the lowest dosage when they start using their best e cig. This isn’t going to work.

You should start smoking the e cig at the same strength as what you would have smoke with normal cigarettes. This is first to make your body used to the different method of nicotine intake. You should make sure that you are comfortable with the same strength, before you even can consider taking lower dosages.

Start smoking lower strength over time

You are now using your best e cigfor a while now, at the normal strength that you were smoking before using the e cig for the first time. Now you are ready to leave the nicotine completely.

Wrong, you can’t just go from the normal strength nicotine levels to the non-nicotine vapor. This isn’t going to work, and you will not be successful in quitting smoking for good. You should make sure that you are gradually going for lower nicotine levels. Don’t think that you will be stopped in just one week. You should smoke a while on one nicotine strength, before you go lower again. The longer you take to stop smoking the better the success going to be.

Smoking less frequently

The moment that you are at the lowest dose of nicotine, you need to start smoking less frequently. When you are at the lowest dose of nicotine, you are only halfway in quitting.

Your body needs to get used to the idea that you are not going to use your best e ciganymore. You can go from three times a day smoking to two times a day. And, after a week or two, you are making it once a day. And, then you will be at the point of stopping. Learn more.

You have stopped smoking, what now?

The moment that you have stopped smoking with your best e cig, it doesn’t mean that you will never smoke again. You should be aware that your body is going to crave the nicotine for a while, and with the first sign of stress, you might want to smoke again. Just the one time. Don’t. With the one time, you can be back at square one.

To stop smoking, is a process. A process that is taking time. Don’t think that even if you are using a e cig that you are going to be able to stop smoking a lot faster. The process of getting the nicotine out of your system is the same process. With this guide, you will be able to stop smoking nicotine over time. It is possible to use the best e cigto stop smoking, but it takes time and patients.

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