7 Best Electronic Cigarettes to Buy 2018

Electronic Cigarettes look a lot like cigarettes, but they do not ever produce smoke. They are thin vaporizers that give an experience similar to smoking with a rigid cigarette style, but these devices can be used with or without nicotine. Electronic cigarette is a good way to try vaping for beginners if you find the right one. We have been doing electronic cigarette reviews of the best brands in recent years and have reduced it to this brief list. If you are new to electronic cigarettes, our guide and frequently asked questions below will answer most of your questions.

1. Epuffer Magnum

Epuffer Magnum Rev-3S gives a new twist to electronic cigarette. It features an easy-to-use design that uses magnets in place of screws. Insert a cartridge and just enjoy. It comes with a pack of cargo in the form of a cigarette box and two electronic cigarettes, with a capacity for 400 inhalations. You will have always a fully charged battery.

2. VaporFi Express

VaporFi Express is another good option for beginners. It provides everything that you need from the beginning. Two devices, a charger, an adapter, three mini tanks and a 30 ml bottle of your own personalized mix of electronic juice. VaporFi is a company that covers smokers in transition. They prepare it easier to make the change.

3. V2 Standard EX

V2 Standard EX is a simple choice for beginners. The V2 Standard EX is a tried and true electronic cigarette. It establishes the right balance between performance and portability. You get about 300 puffs with a full load, and it looks and works just like a regular cigarette. Compatible with tobacco and menthol prefilled cartridges in several nicotine options.

4. Mig 21 Clear Fusion

The Mig 21 Clear Fusion always works well. It is easy to use right out of the box and works with pre-loaded cartomizers or refillable cartridges for a personalized experience. Mig 21 batteries have a good battery life and offer a satisfactory amount of energy for an electronic cigarette. It comes in 4 colors and includes a transport bag.

5. Halo G6

Halo G6 is a classic e-cig. It does not produce burned blows as it uses flame guard technology. They are well-matched with pre-filled or blank cartomizer to fill with their favorite flavors. These long-lasting batteries are rechargeable as well as easy to use. There are no buttons to press.

6. Vapor4Life ZEUS

Vapor4Life Zeus is just designed for simplicity. It comes with a long-life battery available in 6 colors. It uses its exclusive cartomizers, known as Smileomizers, which you fill with your favorite electronic juice. It has a tight MTL-draw and a bump in the throat that smokers will appreciate.

7. NKD 100 Disposable

Naked 100 has had an impact with its classic electronic liquids such as Lava Flow. They provide their most popular flavors prefilled in disposable electronic cigarettes. Each one has a capacity of up to 300 inhalations. It satisfies your cravings faster by using nicotine salt, unlike your typical disposable electronic cigarette. Check here.

If you are a smoker, switching to e-cig can be beneficial for your health. It has been scientifically researched that the use of electronic cigarettes is at least 95% safer according to some of the most prestigious doctors in the world. Because an electronic cigarette was designed to help smokers quit smoking, the health concerns of electronic cigarettes should be considered in the context and compared to smoking: between the two, the health implications are clear when the scientific evidence is observed.

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